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Hi Kent!

Here is some information about what the MusikFabrik (Duesseldorf) is doing
right now...

The MusikFabrik (a New Music ensemble from Duesseldorf, Germany) is performing
an evening of music by John Cage in the Hessischer Staatstheater, Wiesbaden on
Friday 29th May at 19.30. There are two further performances on June 1 and 2
in the Rheinmetallhalle, Duesseldorf.

The evening comprises the following works:

Songbooks (selected songs)
Concert for Piano and Orchestra
Atlas Eclipticalis
Rozart Mix

The works are formed into a continuous piece of music/theatre lasting about one
hour and a quarter. The MusikFabrik worked together with the
director/choreographer Reinhild Hoffmann and the Stage Design class of
Professor Karl Kneidel at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf over a period of six
months to realise the programme.

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> Betreff: new additions
> Hi everyone, just thought that I'd point out some new additions to the
> livingroom site. Thanks to the
> <a href="">European Free
> Improvisation Pages</a> for their contribution to our kitchen...
> Also I'm going through the tedious experience of having to rent equipment,
> so I've added some online resources along these lines at
> and I'm trying to work up a cool schedule for the online Livingroom concert
> series, but really want to have more recordings from our participants... so
> send me your music! (via snailmail) email for the
> post office box... and keep those press releases coming to
> ciao!
> |K<