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Larry Hewes (
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 03:14:49 -0700

Aliyah Baruchin wrote:
> Peter Mueller (I think) wrote:
> > Probably. I hate the word elitist, though. When a work of art is
> > described as elitist, people are saying that a member of some other
> > social/economic group are incapable of enjoying that object. As far as
> > I know, however, I am incapable of enjoying John Tesh. I would much
> > rather listen to my neighbors lawnmower at 6:00 am on a Sunday.
> >
> Amen to that, too. I agree with Luke Jaeger that we shouldn't lose
> perspective about what a very tiny percentage of the world has access to
> the technologies that we're so blithely using right now. But I must say
> that Peter's thought may, in fact, have more to do expressly with John
> Tesh than with the larger argument. I stil thank him for saying it.
> By the way, if any of you car- and refrigerator-appreciators are
> interested, Randy Hostetler had done a performance at Cal Arts in 1987 or
> so in which he played a grand piano and a Honda, side by side on
> stage. The Honda stuff is terrific, and the concert exists on tape (though
> finding it -- in LA -- may take a moment).
> --Aliyah Baruchin


Thanks for participating in the site. That's what it's for. If you can,
email others in the Yale music, other music group you know about the
site and encourage them to send in stuff about concert, performance,
experimental schedules they know about, no matter if it's about
themselves, or seems inconsequential, and about other matters: debates
on art, music, performance; stories about stuff having to do with art,
music, performance, etc.; stuff having to do with their own music,
performance, conducting, composing experiments, experiences, thoughts,
etc. Maybe compose a nice email about the site, current debates, site
rooms, etc. and broadcast it to groups and people all over the place,

The site is really picking up, but needs to expand beyond the present
group to reach outside the circle and pick up people in Europe, Russia,
Middle East, Asia, Latin America and in the US who are trying to find
new ways of expression.

Anyway, it's nice to hear from and about you, even if it's from the

Affectionately, Larry

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