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Mark Klemola (
Sun, 01 Jun 1997 17:13:42 -0700

>Well, let's see. Just saw Boulez several times within the past few months
>conducting. All bashing aside, he's a really good conductor. He's also
>working on a new violin piece--hear them working on the electronics in the
>office next door everyday. As for IRCAM, there are lot of great people
>here. People bash the ideology, but underneath the institution there are a
>lot of talented people who are doing some great stuff. If one can wrestle
>with the administrative side of things, one can discover some interesting
>things. Take for instance, the gig I did today with the (totally
>unofficial) Ircam Blues Band. A mix of French and Americans (players are
>everyone from programmers to cognitive psychologists), loud blasting blues
>with no permutated sets in site. Free sandwiches at the gig, too.
>Butch Rovan
>7 Impasse des Trois Soeurs
>Paris 75011
>01 48 06 38 62
>Well, the sandwiches sound great. Thanks for the info, it's really
interesting (I'm not being sarcastic). When I mentioned Boulez what I meant
is exactly what you said... the man conducts, but who wants to listen to his
music? Most people don't. It only appeals to a limited audience with the
elite knowledge, the training to understand the context of its creation. As
far as sampling goes, I see its use as the antithesis to the elitist
institution which creates without having to be responsible to an audience.
Extending the ability of a "language" (such as music) to communicate beyond
the limited audience, which is trained to appreciate the concepts involved,
seems to me to be a worthwhile experiment. Unlike IRCAM which found itself
in the position of doing research for the military industrial complex in
order to secure funding. Who is the music being made for? I don't believe
that all art must be justified by its ability to draw an audience, surely
experimentation must be funded since the arts are (no news) notoriously
underappreciated. Although I feel Boulez did contibute to the development of
modernism in music, his lack of audience (and IRCAM's) and lack of
accountability to the public resulted in his works (IRCAM's) alliance with
military development. So, at least Elvis and Linda Ronstat (and popmusic in
general), having really done little else but waste our time, did not engage
in developing technology for military purposes (and I'm not counting Elvis's
GI flicks).

Whaddya think?
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Mark Klemola