Re: How To Evaluate-Judge-Quantify

Dick Higgins (
Sat, 31 May 1997 20:14:48 -0500

>The issue of how to to talk about and then evaluate works of art and
>Music in particular has always been of concern to me. But i have never
>really ferreted out any consensus - even with myself.
Isn't that where the "to whom am I talking" issue appears?

>Educated to some extent ( I hold a bachelors from a conservatory, a MA
>in music Composition from Mills and started at a perf arts high school
>as a jazz pianainst), and now 36 years old, I have trouble with how to
>think about what I hear and see performed?!
I'm fifty-nine and have the same thoughts and problkems. Grants, government
or otherwise-they aren't for us. Neither is the market-our has been
destroyed by the decline of musical literacy. So few people can work over a
piece of printed music and know how it works. By the time that they realize
what they are missing, we will be homeless and panhandling. Sometimes I
think what is needed isa Dow Jones 800 and 60% unemployment. Then we can
start growing again, if we are still around.

The millenium may have to start with our shadows.


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