Re: What are you working on?

Philly the Kid (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 18:16:15 -0500

Sorry to be late on this thread...I have just returned to SF after a 1 year
aberration in DC area...

I met Randy in my first days in Calif. at Cal Arts as we were both east
coast boys starting the graduate Composition program. Randy was one of my
very closest friends and I have a gaping hole - a lonely space where a
special acknowledging that only he could provide is gone forever...

After my year in LA (86-87) I reolcated to SF and finished my masters at
Mills - which was a great place for me.

I lived in the same pad in North Beach for 9 years. I thought I needed a
change and left for DC to live with my mom and owrk on preparing for a
further move to Montreal and hopefully a PhD at McGill. After visiting -
lovely as Montreal was, the program was all wrong and finally I saw my
thinking was all wrong. PhD wasn't going to get me to be more creative and
prolific. I have returned at great expense and effort and currently
homeless - but I now know this IS my home. For better or worse...

At this point now - I am struggling to make duckets with my own business
doing sound design and production under the name Apriori Soundz - as the
anchor of teaching is not doable in this region. I hope step by slow step -
I can return to a space of making pieces and participating in a broader
community of thinkers and artists. Isolation is counterproductive and we
all must have a village. If in some small way this list and this Web Site
that sponsors the list can help me find or build my village then I will be
grateful. Some of you I know and some I don't but I look forward to the

I pose this question to anyone with a moment to think about it and is a simple question really:

What 'Music' - moves you at this current time?