A Letter to Grandparents on Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Words from Randy
Letter to Grandparents on Their 50th Wedding Anniversary (excerpts)

Dear Gram and Gramps,

“You introduced me to the joys of fresh apple butter and of delicious ice cream made ourselves at Aunt Elizabeth’s;”You showed me what prehistoric sharks’ teeth looked like and how to collect them;

“You taught me how to fish, how to pitch horseshoes, how to play shuffleboard;

“You taught me wich way to lean when riding a car around a curve;

“You taught me how to make borders when coloring;

“You introduced me tot he Amish and their way of life;

“You taught me the importance of the good, cheap meal;

“You taught me the importance of finishing a job once started — whether it was letocraft, yardwork, or cream of wheat (to be eaten until one could see the flowers at the bottom of the dish.

“You provided the beautiful house on 4th Street which to this day has remained a place of great mystery and excitement.”

“For all of this and much more, thank you and Happy 50th!”

December 25, 1982

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