Reading Room

New Music Box, David Smooke: “The Audience Does Not Exist.” Smooke argues composers should not compose for “the audience.”

New Music Box, Eleonor Sandresky: “Music After” – Reflections on memories and music marking the 10th anniversary of 9-11.

John Cage Trust: Open Call for Radio Submissions

John Cage Trust Announces Open Call for Radio Programs involving Cage and Radio, 9-07-11


Slate, J. Bryan Lowder: “Horns, Harps, and Hubcaps” – The classical orchestra needs some new instruments

New York Times City Room Blog, James Barron: “Noted Composer, Who Leapt Into Atonality, Meows Her Last”

Ketzel the cat, the accidental composer who won notice for her only piano composition, has died.  Her “Piece for Piano, four Paws” won honorable mention in the Paris New Music Review’s “One Minute Competition.”

NPR: “The ‘Bad Plus’ Tackle Stravinsky’s ‘Spring’

Jazz trio “The Bad Plus” take on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring

Cygnus Ensemble: William Anderson – Milton Babbitt and the 21st Century

LA Times: Mark Swed – Critic’s Notebook: The music of Greek composer Iannis Xenakis is cold and stern – and so hip

New York Times: Daniel J. Wakin – Chicago Sinfonietta’s New Work Incorporates Cellphones

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