Reading Room

The Aspen Times: Stewart Oskenhorn – 2012 Aspen Music Festival Looks Toward America

The Stanford Daily: Linda Yu – Ge Wang: In Concert with Technology

PopMatters: Jedd Beaudoin – So Percussion: It Is Time

KMIR-TV: Jessica Flores – Local Composer Taking Remote Music Lessons Global

Chamber Music: Brian Wise – John Duffy

Huffington Post: Paul Kilbey – A New Year’s Resolution for 2012: Give Contemporary Classical Music a Chance

New Music Box: Rob Deemer – The Inside and Outside of New Music According to the Times

Courier Journal: Elizabeth Kramer – Indie rocker Jeremy Podgursky turns classical composer

New York Times: Anthony Tommasini – Emboldened Orchestras Embracing New Music

The New York Times: Allan Kozinn – Club Kids Are Storming Music Museums

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