Reading Room

CityBeat: Jason Gargano – NOW…and Forever?…_and_forever.html

Philadelphia Inquirer: David Patrick Stearns – Missy Mazzoli: From Lansdale to music’s cutting edge

Sequenza21: Christian Carey – Conductor and Composer Discuss Resurgence of Wind Ensembles

Philadelphia Inquirer: David Patrick Stearns – The latest scandal in music recycling

NewMusicBox: Alexandra Gardner – Janice Giteck: Music in Mind

NewMusicBox: David Smooke – Truth and Consequences

The Washington Post: Chris Richards – Suzanne Ciani’s retrospective showcases her groundbreaking musical fireworks

The New York Times: John Rockwell – A Daughter of Kronos Revisits Quartet’s Fold

The Register-Guard: Bob Keefer – Composer’s originality questioned by critics

The Guardian: Kerry Andrew – Why there are so few female composers

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